18/19 Field Season






Training/Testing Clips

WHOI July 2018 Winch Training

(Above) Jim Broda (WHOI) demonstrates the brailer release on the deep gravity corer.

(ABOVE) The very first windings of Dyneema onto the UNOLS MASH4K winch is emplaced by the tensioning rig, controlled by engineer Josh Eaton (WHOI).  The windings are widely spaced and wrapped at a higher-than-normal angle to prevent the winch rope from digging into the spool when more tension is applied, for instance during coring after using a lower weight assembly for sounding the hole.  Brad Rosenheim (USF) is heard asking Josh Eaton about the distancing of the winds. This is called an open weave or basket weave.

(ABOVE) Al Gagnon (WHOI) films the UNOLS tensioning trailer, which sets the tension on the rope depending on the type of load that it will handle, as it extends into the high bay, through the metering block (measures the length of rope that has been spooled), and onto the MASH 4K winch.